Diesel Diagnosis, Service and Repairs

Serviceplus Redhill have technicians specialising in the diagnosis and repair of modern diesel engine problems.

With the introduction of common rail diesel technology, diesel engines have changed dramatically and so only technicians with the latest training, equipment and information can service and repair diesel engines correctly.

Serviceplus Redhill have invested heavily in the correct equipment, training and information systems to ensure all their technicians can diagnose and repair all diesel related problems.

  • Common Rail Injector Removal Specialist Tools
  • Fuel Pressure Test Equipment
  • Electrical Test Equipment
  • Oscilloscope to provide visual interpretations
  • A understanding of how it works

If your own a diesel vehicle have Serviceplus Redhill service your car – book in on (01737) 780900

Diesel Engines: The details 


In 1998, a major breakthrough in diesel technology had occurred, radically changing the way in which diesel engines are controlled and regulated. This new system called common rail, will no doubt secure the future of diesel engine power sources well into the millennium.

With a very high percentage of vehicles now diesel, the demand for knowledge and equipment is now even greater.

Serviceplus Redhill has been very well aware of the importance of diesel technology and has invested enormously in training, equipment and information. This has paid dividends, enabling us the capability to investigate, diagnose and rectify every day running faults.

For any diesel related problems, please call Serviceplus Redhill now on 01737 780900

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