Dashboard Warning Lights

You see the light, we solve the problem!

As cars have become more and more sophisticated the number of possible faults that can arise has grown significantly, along with the number of different warning lights that might flash up on your dashboard.

If a warning light illuminates on your dashboard you should stop as soon as possible in a safe place and refer to the vehicle handbook in the first instance to find out what the warning light represents. Contact us at Serviceplus Redhill immedaitely for advice on what to do next and for the fault to be rectified.

If you are worried about driving with the light on, call us on Redhill 01737 780900 and we’ll tell you if you are safe to drive on.

You can even take advantage of our collect and return serviceif it helps you for us to come to you.

Serviceplus Redhill and Reigate – servicing you can rely on – book in on (01737) 780900

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