Why Bosch Car Service?

Bosch Car Service is the national network of independent garages.

The premises are neat and tidy with clear brand identification: Bosch Car Service signage, uniforms, equipment, vans, stationery. Each garage is an independently owned business with friendly staff, trained to fit or replace Bosch quality parts.

To guarantee that the garages maintain the high standards that Bosch set, each garage is audited every year and, to ensure that the technicians are up to date with new technologies, we insist that each garage attends training on a regular basis.








With changes in European legislation it is possible to have your car serviced at an independent garage without invalidating your manufacturer’s warranty.




Bosch Technology

In recent years, the advances in the technology in your car have been huge and Bosch is at forefront of this. Bosch invented the Spark plug over 100 years ago, without which the petrol engine would not work. Bosch have been involved in the advance of Diesel technology for over 75 years. One example of a Bosch invention is the lambda sensor that was invented 30 years ago. It is now used in both petrol and diesel engines, helping to make the car run more efficiently and reduces harmful emissions, helping to protect the environment.

Another Bosch invention is ESP (Electronic Stability Program). Since its invention in 1995, over 20 million have been produced. It is now in 40% of new European cars, helping to prevent accidents caused by uncontrollable skidding.

To have your car cared for by Bosch Service Centre, Serviceplus Redhill & Reigate, call now on (01737) 780900

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