You can now have your vehicle serviced by BOSCH car service stations without invalidating your manufacturers warranty… so there’s no need to pay dealer rates!

So what does that mean?

As a Bosch Car Service Garage Serviceplus can service your car during the warranty period without invalidating the warranty.

For more information visit the following website www.boschcarservice.co.uk

Here at Serviceplus we have invested in the same level equipment used by the main dealers, so you can be confident your car or van will be correctly diagnosed and your warranty maintained.

Service-plus carry out regular servicing to manufacturer’s recommendations fitting only original quality parts to all makes, by accredited registered technicians.

Please contact us for a quote, letting us know the vehicle, mileage, age and usage, (whether/when the timing belt as been changed) or any other service related problem.

Within our servicing, when due we replace timing belt kits (cambelt) again at manufacturers specification. When is yours due, failure to replace could result in serious mechanical failure.

For more information on any of these specific service needs call us to book your car service on (01737) 780900

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