About Us

A different way to service your car

When it comes to getting your car or van serviced or repaired, the choices are pretty stark. You can either take it to the dealer and pay a premium for their services, or try your luck with a local mechanic.

The idea behind Service-plus is to provide a dealership-quality vehicle maintenance and repair service that preserves your warranty, with highly qualified technicians working in a smart, high-tech environment, and prices that fall somewhere between the dealership and the local garage.

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Service-plus has been selected by Bosch as a garage with the skills, experience and knowledge to join its prestigious national network of independent Bosch Car Service garages.
The Bosch Car Service network is the first independent garage group to be given approval for its Consumer Code of Practice from the Office of Fair Trading. This means customers can expect a good standard of service and a clear system for the open, fast and fair resolution of any complaints.
Please visit the Bosch Car Service website to see more information.

Maintaining your warranty

We have invested in the same level of equipment as that used by the main dealers, so you can be confident your car or van will be correctly diagnosed and your warranty maintained.
Whatever the make or model, we carry out regular servicing to manufacturer’s recommendations, fitting only original quality parts to all makes, with accredited, registered technicians doing the work.

Fast service

Expert team

Affordable prices

Award winning

Modern technology

Always open