AC Services

Full servicing for car air-conditioning systems

We provide a thorough air-conditioning overhaul service to keep your car interior comfortable and reduce the strain on your engine. Using one of the leading air-conditioning machines, our expert technicians will replace the refrigerant and filter unit, check the condition of the condenser unit and compressor oil, vacuum the whole system for at least 30 minutes and carry out pressure and leak tests, before updating your service records.

Why healthy air-conditioning matters

Manufacturers recommend that you have your air-conditioning serviced every two years. We suggest you do it once a year. Up to 8% of refrigerant is lost every year and the dryer can wear out, especially if you use your air-condition frequently, which is advisable to keep the seals lubricated and prevent bacteria, fungus and unpleasant odours from building up. A worn air-conditioning system will put added strain on your engine, increasing wear and reducing fuel efficiency.

Keep your air-conditioning healthy

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