Brake Services

Brake testing and maintenance checks

We provide a full and thorough brake service, which includes checking the condition of brake discs, brake pads, brake drums and brake shoes, testing the efficiency of the brake system in action on our rolling road, checking brake fluid levels and moisture content and testing the functionality of ABS and ESP systems with our special diagnostic equipment. Where new components are required, we use only manufacturer’s recommended parts and products.

Brake safety saves lives

Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your car and as braking systems have become more sophisticated, the need for regular testing has increased. Electronic systems like ABS and ESP require special diagnostic equipment to keep them maintained to optimum standardsbut it’s not just the high-tech elements of a braking system that need regular attention. Recent research has shown that half of all vehicles in the UK have contaminated brake fluid, which can seriously hamper braking efficiency, and one-in-three drivers are risking their lives with substandard brake fluid that needs immediate replacement. Don’t wait for something to go wrong before you bring your car in for a brake system check.

Don't wait for a brake check

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