Engine Service

Engine servicing

Regular servicing by the accredited technicians at Service-plus guarantees a dealership standard of service, which will help to keep your engine fault-free and working efficiently. We use high quality oils and filters, designed for your engine, and all original quality parts. We also have the equipment to carry out special diagnostic checks to ensure the sophisticated components in modern petrol, diesel and hybrid engines are working to their optimum.

Why it pays to have your engine serviced regularly

You engine is an incredible machine, made up of many moving parts, which get through an enormous amount of work every time you use it. Basic maintenance like keeping the oil topped up and in good condition is essential for minimising the wear and tear on all those parts. In addition, modern engines have becoming increasingly complex and need special diagnostic equipment to service them properly. Fuel injection systems, diesel engines and hybrid engines all rely on sophisticated engine management systems to control the precision of their performance. An engine that has been serviced by a Service-plus technician using manufacturer’s recommended parts will deliver better performance, better fuel economy and better longevity against wear and tear.

Love your engine

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