Inspections & Checks

Dealership-standard maintenance checks

Regular maintenance inspections can save you a lot of money in repairs. Our accredited technicians carry out regular servicing and inspections to preserve the performance and safety of the car and its warranty. Your car will benefit immensely from the following Service-plus inspections and checks:

Winter check – We’ll prepare your car for the cold, dark winter months with a check over all the essential components, including the battery, tyres, lights, windscreen wipers and engine cooling system. Our attention to detail goes right down to the rubber window and door seals, which we treat to protect them from freeze damage.

Spring check – Winter can take a heavy toll on all parts of your car. Our spring check will inspect for deficiencies in everything from the braking system to the horn, exhaust, air filters, oil levels and V-belt.

Multiple-point check – At any time of year it pays to have your car checked over and serviced. Our multi-point check looks at electronic systems, tyres, lights, underbody, horn, brakes, windscreen wipers, battery, fluids and air-conditioning system.

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