Special Diagnostics

Advanced testing, diagnosis and repairs

Many problems with modern cars are beyond the capabilities of tradional mechanics. At Service-plus we have highly qualified Bosch Diagnostic Technicians who can find and fix faults that other garages can’t, using our state-of-the-art equipment and their own expertise. If your car has a fault that your regular garage can’t diagnose, bring it to Service-plus and we’ll solve the mystery for you.

The benefits of special diagnostics

Some car faults are impossible to replicate in workshop conditions. For example, you might have an intermittent fault that only occurs at a certain speed, in certain weather conditions or at certain times of day. When this happens it can be very hard for a traditional mechanic to diagnose the cause of the fault. You might go through several rounds of trial and error, replacing parts that don’t need replacing, and still not get to the bottom of the fault. With special diagnostics equipment and training, our technicians can quickly pinpoint the fault and carry out the necessary repair.

We carry out special diagnostic checks on the following:

– Electrical Systems
Vehicle management systems
–  Petrol and diesel engine management systems
ABS, SRS, Airbag, Body Control, etc
Petrol injector analysis, Service and repair
– Oscilliscope testing to provide visual interpretation and analysis

Don't leave it to guesswork

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