Suspension Service

Dealer standard suspension servicing

If you’ve noticed peculiarities in the way your car handles or a deterioration in the ride quality, it could be that the suspension needs attention. We have the equipment to test all the components in a suspension system to dealership standards. We will replace any worn or damaged components with only original quality parts and adjust the system to provide safe, comfortable, road legal performance.

Signs your suspension needs servicing

A properly functioning suspension system is an MoT requirement. It ensures your tyres are kept firmly and evenly on the road, affecting the ride quality, braking and handling. When the suspension is damaged or faulty, you may experience one or more of the following symptoms.

– Poor manoeuvrability – steering feels heavy in cornering
– Loss of grip – particularly in wet weather (aquaplaning)
– ‘Ducking’ – the nose of the car ducks down under breaking
– Swaying – the car seems unusually susceptible to side winds
– Travel sickness – caused by uneven grip


We recommend an annual inspection of your suspension to catch any problems before they become severe and render your car unroadworthy.

Car handling poorly?

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