Wheel Alignment / Geometry

Digital precision wheel alignment

Digital wheel alignment gives a much more precise set-up, which delivers benefits in terms of fuel consumption, tyre wear, handling and safety. The expert technicians at Service-plus understand wheel geometry and use a high-tech Hunter PA100 digital wheel alignment system for precision alignment. We also carry out a suspension system inspection as part of the alignment procedure, which allows us to detect any worn steering or suspension parts before they cause unnecessary cost.

Why wheel alignment matters

Misaligned wheels have a major impact on running costs and the way your car handles. Tyres wear much more quickly and rolling resistance increases, significantly hampering fuel efficiency. You may find your car pulls to one side, the steering wheel vibrates and you’re constantly having to adjust the wheel to keep the car straight. With all four wheels aligned precisely, you will experience a much smoother drive and your car components will enjoy much less wear and tear.

High tyre wear or handling problems?

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